2017 Slides & Videos

Roundtable with the Leaders of Denver's Healthcare Innovation Community
Resilient Restaurateurs: Growing a Restaurant Group from the Ground Up
How to get the most out of Google Analytics
Log all the things!
Time Is Money, Reducing Cost Through Virtual Prototyping
Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Startup
Why Investors Aren't Biting
Innovation + Impact: How Your Business Can be a Force for Good with B Lab, Meow Wolf, Foundry Group, TechStars, Moye White and EcoProducts
Recruiting for Scale: What’s Next in The Battle for Local Tech Talent - Lunch and Special Discussion about Talent Recruitment in Denver
DSW Pitch Challenge FINALS - Sponsored by Project XITE & The Cable Center
Reaching the Next Summit: 5 Keys for Building a Scalable Growth Company
Ask Brad Anything - A Special Conversation with Brad Feld
Navigating the Path from a Junior to a Senior Developer
Technology-Powered Innovation with Marty Cagan
Innovative Capital to Support Colorado's Impact-Driven Companies
Demystifying the Hype: Understanding Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies with an Expert Panel
Behavioral Design and Social Impact
Creating a Culture of Inclusion & Innovation
Founders’ View: Starting a Cybersecurity Company in Colorado
"What’s My Data Worth?" How to Monetize Startup Data in 2017
Build an Epic Brand and Business, Simply By Being Better
An Exclusive Talk with SBA Administrator Linda McMahon
Finding Your Line: A Conversation with Sasha Digiulian and Johnny Collinson
Making It Big in the Longevity Economy
Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned: Raising Money Outside of Silicon Valley
Getting Ready for Your Capital Raise
Microservices for Startups: Build to Adapt
Front End Development for Back End Developers
Is Denver the New Tech Frontier?
How Small Iterations are Killing Your Innovation
Building an Ecosystem of Success in Sports Startups
UX Design Process 101: Where to Start with UX
Choosing a direction: Learning how to test ideas and designs
Breaking Down Product Management: Startups vs. Enterprise
Entrepreneurs Who Lead: The Women Building Tomorrow's Most Enduring Businesses
Designing Microinteractions for Better UX
The Product Development Playbook for Startups
Where Emerging Meets Enterprise
Our Web Application Journey
Design Sprint: Public Art

2016 Slides & Videos

Death of a Design: 5 Stages of Grief
Ken Norton on Product Teams and Thinking Big
Productivity Hacks
Is The Hardware Revolution Real?
Practical IoT: How Will IoT Effect Climate Change?
Time for a Checkup: The 5 Dimensions of Agile Team Health
ARG's FTW > < ( ( ( ° >
UX Design Process 101: Where to Start with UX
Hack-Proof Security
Hail the Heroes!
Bootstrapping - 3 Founders, Millions in revenue, 0 funding
What’s All the Noise a-Bot?
Experimenting Your Way to MVP
User Testing: Adapt to Fit Your Needs

2015 Slides & Videos

Bootstrapping a company from $0 to $1 Million/yr in Revenue
Becoming An Influencer
Redesigning the Education System to Build the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
Problem-Solving: Parallels Between the Outdoors & the Digital
The Future of Product Management
Pivot or Persevere?: When to Change Directions and When to Stay the Course
Denver Founders - Ground Control to Major Tom
Quantitative Product Decisions
You are not agile enough.
Rapidly Design a Solution to a Real World Problem
Don't Start-up With Hidden Debt: Understanding and Managing Technical Debt
How To Be A Product Manager
Status of Bitcoin Currency and Blockchain Technology
Mappy Hour
The Art and Science of Finding Customers for Your Startup
The Power Behind Real-Time Push Notifications Using Webhooks
Working with a net... or an anchor: launching a SaaS application out of a legacy enterprise product.
Understanding the Customer Journey
Mobile Single Sign-On: are we there yet?
Experience Design: The Only Meaningful Differentiator
Virtual Reality 101