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Mobile Video's role in the Social Enterprise

Proposed by John J. Stein

Mobile and video are two major growth areas feeding the social scene. This panel will highlight current events and future trends into how the social enterprise can position itself to leverage this growth. Included topics range from technologies to psychological issues impacting growth.

Panelist | Kraig Clark- Chief Executive Officer, Evver (
Kraig Clark is the CEO and visionary for Evver, a Boulder startup that allows people to make videos from their pics choreographed to music. Kraig has held leadership roles with several companies known internationally (Crocs and OtterBox) for innovation and bringing consumer products to market that change lives and mindsets. He is a Colorado native, photography enthusiast and loving husband and father.

Panelist | Troy Olson - Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, JEMSU (
Troy started his career as a retail manager in the Caribbean leading teams to sales records on every island on which he worked. He also started his own private consulting company offering expertise for companies looking to grow online. Troy brings a diverse background with experience in PPC, email, social media, CSEs, marketplace partners, affiliates and video. He has appeared in articles including the Official YouTube Blog, the New York Times, and Search Engine Watch.

Panelist | Don Poe, Chief Operations Officer, People Productions (
Don Poe has been a key component of People Productions, an interactive media consulting and production firm with a heavy bent towards video and web applications, for nearly two decades. He achieves the delicate balance of responding to the creative and strategic needs of all of their clients, developing relationships with new prospects and forming partnerships with sales and marketing teams. Don thrives on Integrating multiple modes of thinking across disciplines.

Panelist | Sara E Smith - Director of Business Intelligence, Room 214 (
As the director of Business Intelligence at Room 214, Sara's role is to push the bounds of traditional consumer research and develop meaningful integrated marketing strategies in arenas ranging from global CPG brands to investor relations to retail to political campaigns. Her approach includes cultivating a data-driven, consumer-centric perspective to deliver interactive omni-channel experiences that challenge the status quo. In addition, Sara is a Marketing Profs U instructor, and her work has been published in the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications (JIMC) as well as other academic publications. She's also an expert snow shoveler and a hot yoga devotee.

Moderator | John J. Stein - Chief Marketing Officer, Evver (
John has worked with startups for more than 25 years and started in Internet marketing back in 1998. He has led his own marketing consultancy for several years, which was designed to help startups achieve their dreams. John currently serves as CMO for Evver and is a recent transplant from Atlanta, GA. John brings extensive experience in helping startups develop their go to market strategies and executing marketing online across the major avenues including web design, content marketing, search and social media.


  1. Brian Patrick Cork said: This is very relevant. A must addition to the conference.
  2. Drew Bartlett said: One of the next big categories for media... looking forward to it.
  3. John Barden said: John Stein is a passionate industry visionary who sees and knows things before they show up in the marketplace. His session at Denver Startup Week would benefit all attendees interested in this niche.
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  6. Terry Allen said: Awesome Topic! A must discuss topic - very relevant for today's mobile media environment.
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  8. Kevin Witter said: It seems that we are on the cusp of video becoming the major way for people to communicate and share information, and mobile devices are quickly replacing computers as the primary device in user ecosystems. I would be very interested in learning more about upcoming trends in the mobile meets video area.
  9. Andrew Michael Nathan said: Great topic, perfect timing.
  10. Adam Gordon said: i think this panel makes sense
  11. Douglas Turner said: I think this is great! mobile and video are the perfect storm for social sharing and interaction. I believe Evver is the perfect platform and enabler for mobile and video coming together to become a very meaningful and emotional part of our everyday lives!
  12. Tim Williams said: Love the angle on psychological issues impacting growth -- curious to learn more.
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