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How To Get Hired as a Generalist

Proposed by Lauren A. Mosenthal

Finding a way to solve a problem does not require years of education or a deep skill set. It takes the drive to find a solution and the willingness to learn.

Lauren and Emma were immersed in a year-long program where they learned a mix of design, development, and entrepreneurism. After graduation, they were both part of an apprenticeship program where they competed for full-time positions. Lauren was hired as a creative developer, and Emma was as a UX designer. They will share their journey from generalists to specialists, and the mindset it took to get there.

In the workshop, the group will be lead through a few quick exercises to exemplify and jump into the maker mindset. The workshop will leave people with the confidence to explore new capabilities, positively influence team dynamics, and get excited about creating the experiences of the future.

Hosted by: Lauren Mosenthal & Emma Lawler

Event hashtag: #GeneralistDSW


  1. Sallyanne Oettinger said: I love this idea and I would be excited to hear from Lauren and Emma. Please offer this one.
  2. David Slayden said: This session will provide a look inside the innovative BDW learning culture and how and why its grads are shaping the future wherever they land.
  3. Anthony Oberto said: This sounds phenomenal for any multi-faceted individual, as well as young professionals in general!
  4. Alyssa Beerling said: No doubt that and idea like this will lead to much success!
  5. Alexandria Kiel said: I love the idea of receiving advice, insight and training from two successful women in their first year out of school. It's such a trivial moment in one's career, it's important to hear others' stories in order to help pave your own path!
  6. Maddie Boatwright said: Make this a session! Any individual would benefit from understanding the value of a generalist and the knowledge each possesses considering the digital ecosystem. Mindset is a method of empowerment that I vouch these two individuals can share from their experiences not only from BDW, but also from their work done at AKQA San Francisco.
  7. Tish Lawler said: I think this sounds like a fascinating session.
  8. Benton Rochester said: Love it
  9. Aayush Iyer said: I’ve had the good fortune to work with both Lauren and Emma, and they’ve walked the delicate balance between staying motivated at multiple disciplines AND being good at them. I recommend the talk and hope it happens!
  10. Simon Taranto said: Sounds like a really exciting session!