Help pick the sessions for 2013

Making Yourself Visible: Women in Tech

Proposed by Janet Corral

Don't be lost in the shuffle! Led by two expert female leaders in tech, Katie Weiss and Janet Corral, the panel of female tech leads in & around Denver will share wisdom, tips and expertise on how women can be ace developers, tech leaders and team players who are true to their identity but able to deftly negotiate "IT-land". Come for a fun discussion that aims to set you up for your best career path yet!


  1. Janet Corral said: Katie & Janet presenting? This session is going to rock! Thanks ladies for putting this on! Can't wait to attend!
  2. Malissa Trojan said: Much needed!
  3. Kaki Flynn said: Would love to be on this panel! Built sites for USACycling, USSpeedskating, USAVolleyball. Software Trainer for HP & Gateway computers, as well as private clients. Now an expedition guide, who unplugged for 8 years, now coming back to the technology landscape to combine lessons from both places, to build something awesome. Like a fully operational Transformer. Ok, maybe not that cool, but close. Kaki Flynn